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The office is extremely welcoming and comfortable… it evokes confidence, skill and experience. I felt very well taken care of- just like a first class hotel.

MK, Vernon, CT

The Waterlase Laser is beyond amazing… had many areas in my mouth that were cold sensitive even to cool water. This had been the case for the last 20 years… nothing worked to desensitize them until I met Dr. Rosenfeld. After two easy and comfortable visits using the Laser, I can now enjoy cold drinks and ice cream.

LW, Avon, CT

I asked Dr. R when he was going to give me the injection. He said it was already done. Rest of the work was just as comfortable. Great visit!

MB, Newtown, CT

I had “everything” done before my recent marriage, but the most dramatic difference was Dr. Rosenfeld’s cosmetic smile makeover. I am extremely pleased, as is my husband.

LR, Springfield, MA

Had a 2 hour visit- between my headphones (Mozart); my foot massage; a warm blanket and the care of Dr. R. and staff, the time flew by and I really did not want to leave.

RC, Litchfield, CT

A root canal was completed in just one easy visit. Dr. Rosenfeld said that I would fall asleep…he was right.

DL, Torrington, CT

I had severe headache and neck pain and was unable to open or chew. I had been to several physicians with no relief. Dr. Rosenfeld diagnosed my problem as TMJ syndrome. He used Low Level Laser treatment, made an NTI dental appliance and within ten days I was practically pain free.

DG, Old Lyme, CT

After an explanation of the work planned for the day, a gentle tugging of my lip, a soft comforting voice and my lip was numb – no awareness that anything was done. Then complete comfort.

DF, Bristol, CT

The Waterlase Laser was unbelievable… four composite white fillings done in one visit with no needle, no numbness, no drill – completely comfortable! … just the gentle popping of the laser.

RS, Hartford, CT

Feng Shui principles are seen here – reminds me of my native China. Very serene surroundings, soft classical music, and muted welcoming tones.

SL, Farmington, CT

I used to be petrified of a needle… no more!! Dr. R. used numbing cream, relaxation techniques and soft talk and I felt NOTHING. Don’t know how he did it but it works.

CH, Hartford, CT

My best dental experience from the first accommodating telephone conversation with Linda, the Office Manager, to the gentle and attentive treatment by Dr. Rosenfeld and his two assistants. The office really listens AND they respond!!

DW, Simsbury, CT

Fifty years of seeing many dentists and this was the most comfortable injection that I have ever received…done with topical anesthesia, relaxation techniques, and an extremely light touch by Dr. Rosenfeld.

DR, Middletown, CT

Moving to Massachusetts with family—will miss the office very much. Best dentist. Big hug.

CN, Avon, CT

I had been grinding my teeth for many years and it got much worse recently causing severe headaches, back pain and clicking of my TMJ. An NTI night guard was made the same day giving me immediate relief. Now two weeks later I am feeling better than I ever have. Just great. Thank you soooo much!!

ME, Litchfield, CT

The transition to the office was so easy… Don’t know why I delayed so long. Staff so helpful and considerate. Music and colors very relaxing. Paperwork done for me, and Dr. R a very skillful and easy going dentist.

MS, Litchfield, CT

At my first visit I was so fearful that I could not stop trembling. But after a few minutes of

Dr. R’s kind words, soft voice and empathetic approach I began to relax. He promised that I would fall asleep at the next visit…and he was right. Now I actually enjoy visiting the office.

ML, Bristol, CT

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